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Bus Departure & Policies

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New Beginning Policies for 2020 - PLEASE READ

All buses leave from the Acme Parking lot on the Kenilworth Blvd in Kenilworth, NJ.  Exit 138 off the Garden State Parkway.  New Beginning Tours is a fully insured company proudly starting our 33rd year.

 - Cancellation of day trip events not requiring a show or dinner ticket - Any cancellations up to 48 hours before an event will incur a minimum charge of $3 per person.
- Cancellation of day trip events requiring a dinner or show ticket - are non-refundable or available for credit, unless we can resell your ticket.
- Any cancellations on day of trip are non-refundable.
- Trip reservation policy - We welcome telephone reservations; however, In fairness to all of our travelers, it has always been our policy that trips are to be paid within 2 weeks of making a reservation.  Our computers are set up to delete unpaid customers when a waiting list is generated.  To avoid being deleted, please promptly send in payment.  Policy is being strickly enforced for all.   
SUBSCRIBER & NON SUBSCRIBER -  After many years , we now had to raise the newsletter  price to $25 for the year.  Subscription members can take discounts on trips that have the offer.   The Subscriber price is for the people that pay the yearly fee for the newsletter.  Just because you get the Newsletter, doesn't mean that you are a subscriber so please do not take the discount.
BUS BOARDING AT BUS DEPOT - Please remember you must sit 4 rows back and be there 1 hour before.
PARKING AT THE ACME - The Acme has asked that we park on a certain side of the parking lot.  If you are standing outside and facing the front of the bus, park to the right of the bus.  DO NOT PARK NEAR THE WALL.
WAITING IN LINE AT THE ACME - When you get in line at the Acme, you may save one spot in line for your travel companion/spouse.  You cannot let all your friends that arrive later get in line with you.  It is not fair to the people that have been standing there to get a seat.  Some people get there early and wait because they have motion sickness issues or mobility issues and then wind up in the back of the bus.  Please be courtesy to your fellow  travelers.  If we see this happening, you will be asked to get in the back of the line.
SAVING OF SEATS - Once on the bus, you may save the seat next to you for your travel companion.  You may not save any other seats.

TRAVEL INSURANCE  - If you would like to purchase Travel Insurance you need to go on our website at and on the home page, click the Travel Guard Insurance Tab and follow the directions.  You are able to pick and choose the different types of insurance you would like.  If you have a pre-existing condition, you will need to get your insurance 14 days from making your initial deposit.  This goes for all overnight and multi day trips.  (not including Collete and Cruises)  For your information, listed below are cancellation penalties that will take place without insurance.  Cancellation penalties without insurance:  Deposit becomes non-refundable at 60 days prior to departure date.   60-46 days prior to departure, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of total price, 45-31- days prior to departure, there is a cancellation fee of 75% of total price & 30*0 - days of departure there is a cancellation fee of 100% of total price.  

New Beginnings reserves the right at any time to allow or disallow any person(s) from attending and participating in any New Beginning Tours event of any kind.  Participation is totally at the discretion and allowance by New Beginning Tours, Inc.

Travel at Own Risk / Lost Items -Be it known that anyone who travels on a bus tour, weekend tour, vacation tour, are traveling at their own risk.  New Beginning Tours, or the Acme Food Store, 33 Market Street, Kenilworth, NJ, or the Raritan Valley Bus Company, or any bus company, or van company, or taxi company used, will not be held responsible for any personal injury, or damage / theft to your vehicle, or any part or item of your vehicle, or anything left in your vehicle, that may incur, and the traveler agrees that the above will not be held liable.  Also New Beginnings or Raritan Valley Bus Company is not responsible in any way for any lost items on bus.   Signing up constitutes agreement to above.

Directions to our Bus Location at The acme, off of Kenilworth   Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ

From the North or South Take Garden State Parkway  to Exit 138 (Kenilworth).  Bear left and make left turn at traffic light onto Galloping Hill Road.  Galloping Hill Road changes to Kenilworth Boulevard (or just Boulevard)..

Travel 1/8th mile and the Acme Food Store is on the left-hand side.  Make left into Acme driveway, but continue straight to the farthest back parking lot.

GPS Address is:  33 Market Street, Kenilworth, NJ